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Holiday Address Label Templates

Getting Started:
To begin printing your address labels, you will need Microsoft Word™ or a program that can open Microsoft Word® documents. A minimum of Windows 98 or Microsoft Office 97 is required to download and edit the address label template.

We do not guarantee that these templates and instructions will be compatible with every printer or software available.


Select the template below that matches the design you purchased. Click on the download icon to link to the template that matches your design.

You can adjust the font (based on fonts available in your software) and point size to fit the predefined address line template size.

Before you print onto an actual address label sheet, make a test print onto a blank piece of paper. Place the printed sheet in front of a label sheet and then hold both sheets up to a light source (a window or lamp will work) to make sure the positioning is correct.

For the best results, do not bend, fold or roll the label sheets (if this occurs it is recommended you do not use the sheet in your printer). Ensure the ink has dried completely before removing labels from the sheet. For trouble-free label printing, have your printer cleaned on a regular basis. Store unused address label sheets flat in the original package in a cool, dry place.

Printing Tips:

Always make a test print on a blank piece of paper. Check alignment by placing the printed sheet in front of the label and hold both sheets up to a light source.

If you adjust the font type or font size it is recommended you print on a blank piece of paper to confirm your label design fits the label size (see the first printing tip to check alignment).

Never fold, roll or bend (corners) of the label sheets. It is recommended that after you open the package, the sheets are fanned to avoid multiple sheets from feeding into the printer.

If the address lines do not align to the label design, you may need to adjust the font type and font size to fit the label design or you may need to adjust the alignment on the printer feed to center the label feedstock.

Selected Examples:
Santa Claus
1 Toy Drive
The North Pole

For additional printing tips questions or comments please email us at Questions@PMGPapers.com with the subject line Printing Tips.

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